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Wild Cats are very difficult to spot

Tiger spotted

Tiger spotted – Bandhavgarh – India

Felines prefer to stay far from people. The smell of a human alone, may be enough not to come forward. You never know in advance when the cat shoots out of the wild bush and at what distance…
That makes it difficult to photograph cats and that is why it is so fun and exciting! Approaching too close also carries a risk. Felines are finally carnivores and predators… Saving distance is therefore important.

We now make unique wall decorations of spotted game on diBond plates

Our diBond wall decorations are always printed directly on the plate using a UV flatbed printer. This makes the print sharp and we can deliver excellent quality. diBond plates are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Our diBond plates consist of 2 layers of aluminium with a hard core of polyethylene, are 3 mm thick and are printed one-sided! You can choose from various finishes. In addition, you can also have the images given us an extra dress.
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15 of the sale price is donated to IfAW Foundation!

If you have made a purchase, 15 of your total amount will be donated to IFAW! You will receive a receipt of this donation.